27th August 2014
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Creating Soft Edges: The Razor Cut Hairstyle

Even though scissors are still used to cut hair, there is a new, modern method used that has just recently become popular – razor cutting. Men’s hairstyles have been cut with a razor for the longest time, but now razors are being used to cut many of the popular women’s hairstyles. There are so many styles women get today that require a razor to be used, and the types of razors used on hair are a straight edge razor, a razor comb, and a razor shaper. If you decide to cut your own hair to get a razor cut hairstyle, then it is best to use a razor comb for do-it-yourself haircutting. The many different hairstyles that use a razor to cut them include the bob, the scene, the shag, and the emo cut.
Razor cutting hair was really never heard of for women until the 21st century, and even in the era before this (1990s) a razor was only used to cut men’s hair (electronic razor’s were especially popular during this time). Surprisingly though, the razor cutting method has been used for many years in Japan, because it was the popular way to get flowing movement in straight hair. The razor tools that have been used in Japan are traditionally named the nihindo, and how the modern razor works is that the stylist will take a section of the hair in their hands and use the razor sliding it down the hair at an angle. This method of cutting gives the hair a wispy, flowing look that many women today desire, and this is the look that is apart of the many modern hairstyles.
Cutting with a razor is not a hard method to learn, but if you are doing it for the first time you might want to go into a stylist (because you can take too much off of the hair). To begin the razor cutting process (on whatever haircut you have chosen, which it should already be cut to length at this time), thoroughly wash the hair in your normal way. Make sure you keep the hair wet by spraying it with water if you need to, and then start at the bottom portion of the hair and take a comb and comb it on top, under, and on top again. Then, take your hand to pull so you have medium tension to the hair, and take the razor to make a smooth cut. Do this all the way through the hair, making sure to comb the hair up, so you do not razor cut the same area twice. Also, mix up the hair by using the razor in various places, so you can get good texture (make sure to be careful using the razor around the bangs, so you do not take too much off).

Powered By Articlems From Articletrader H Fitness

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